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The only event focused on how TOCs and ROSCOs can maximise CBM to reduce downtime, increase availability and lower cost

  • HOW TO TAKE FULL ADVANTAGE OF CBM: Gone is the phase of deciding whether or not to use CBM. This conference is about optimising the use and application of CBM technologies to maximum operational and commercial effect.
  • TAKE AWAY SOLUTIONS: The presenters on this event will be deigning their presentations with the aim of providing the kind of insights and solutions that can be taken away from the conference and applied in the office on Monday.
  • MODERNISATION FOCUS: Creating systematic change within the rail industry, one of the most established industries on the world, can deliver seismic shifts in costs, fleet and operational efficiency. However, it's not always easy. This is the only event that focuses on workforce adaptability as a key component in optimising new and existing technologies in Rolling Stock Maintenance.
  • LESSONS FROM TRIED AND TESTED CASE STUDIES: This not a supplier led sales-pitch type event like so many Rolling Stock events these days. This breaks down what has been done well so far, why it went well, what didn't go well, how it can be applied elsewhere and what changes can be made to standardise its success
  • MAINTENANCE SPECIFIC: This isn't a general rail technology summit containing a few relevant session for each job function within the industry. Every session in this conference is dedicated 100% to strategic maintenance and engineering professionals looking to reduce costs and extend the life of fleets.

This event is completely unique and without doubt the must-attend event for train operators, ROSCOS and manufacturers.


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